Canary Islands Vaccination Recommendations

Canary Islands Vaccination Recommendations

The following travel vaccinations are recommended when traveling to Canary Islands, based on historical disease patterns in that country. They represent the typical diseases endemic or prevalent in Canary Islands for which there are highly effective vaccines available offering strong protection against the disease.

There are may be other diseases which are prevalent in Canary Islands but which are not shown here because either there are no vaccines available to combat the disease, or because the vaccines available are not highly effective in protecting travelers from the disease. In these cases, other travel health protection measures should be followed. Please click on the "Read More" links to the right of each travel disease listed below to find out more about these other travel health precautionary measures while traveling to Canary Islands.

In addition to the typical or endemic disease pattern information presented here, please check the Global Travel Alerts and Travel Health Advisories page which contains the latest information on any current outbreaks that may be occurring in Canary Islands.

In addition to reading the vaccination recommendations for Canary Islands on this page, booking a consultation appointment with your local travel clinic or nearest immunization center will help ensure you are aware of all the vaccination requirements and other health precautions advised while traveling to Canary Islands.

CDC Vaccination Recommendations for Canary Islands in Western Europe
Recommended for all unvaccinated persons who might be exposed to blood or body fluids, have sexual contact with the local population, or be exposed through medical treatment, such as for an accident, even in developed countries, and for all adults requesting protection from HBV infection.

For more information on travel health risks and vaccination recommendations while traveling to Canary Islands,
please see the CDC website entry for Canary Islands.